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These values drive our commitment to improving your health and well-being and promoting
positive change in our community.

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Let's investigate & start your journey towards healing


Dr. Schenewerk attentively listens to your concerns and history to develop a deep understanding of your needs.


We complete thorough conventional and functional medical diagnostics to investigate the root causes of your health issues.


Dr. Schenewerk creates individualized treatment plans to address all dimensions of your health.


We prioritize preventive measures, providing you with the tools and guidance to proactively maintain optimal health.

First Visit


Our practice values the importance of truly listening to our patients. We understand that each individual has unique experiences and concerns, and we strive to create a safe and supportive environment where they feel heard and understood.

Furthermore, we believe in being honest and transparent with our patients. If there is a situation where we do not have the answer or feel that another healthcare professional would be better suited to address their specific needs, we openly communicate this and provide appropriate referrals whenever possible. Ensuring that our patients receive the best care is our top priority.



With a comprehensive background in primary care and expertise in biochemistry, Dr. Schenewerk possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a thorough investigation in order to reach an accurate diagnosis. This allows us to understand the underlying factors contributing to our patients’ health concerns.

Dr. Schenewerk will review your foundations of health, including sleep, nutrition, and movement habits. We have comprehensive testing available to thoroughly evaluate your concerns. Utilizing standard labs as well as functional medicine testing to uncover root causes.

designed for you


After evaluation and investigation, we craft a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan to help each patient reach their wellness goals.

Modalities Used:

a healthy future


What is your personal health history? What is your family history? What things might be coming? Let’s prepare now. Let’s look at what we should be testing for and find things early. When we have established a long-term therapeutic relationship, we’re to give you more insight into your individualized health needs.

Let’s optimize your health and improve your daily life.

Optimize your health

Ready to begin?

Optimizing your health now will improve your life span and health for the future.

If you’re ready to begin your wellness journey, we’d love to hear your story and see if we’re a good fit.